Ledex Light Weight Truss System

The Ledex® Light Weight Truss System uses high tensile steel trusses in the roofing system to enhance the strength and durability of the overall roofing system, compared to the conventional timber trusses. Our products have been tested and verified by the SIRIM QAS International.

Ledex® Light Weight Truss System is specially designed from a variety of quality finishes such as zinc / aluminium to maximize the safety and durability of the roofing system. In fact, our product is customized for fast installation and cost effectiveness.

Supplied by BlueScope Steel, our materials are guaranteed to be superior in quality. There are two types of materials to be chose from: Zacs, which is suitable for Hardware and Economic purposes, and TrueCore®, which is mainly for advanced projects.
batten121 batten172
Batten 121 Batten 172
light-channel-110(lc55) lightchannel135
Light Channel 110 (LC55) Light Channel 135 (LC75)
lightchannel151 truss-bracket
Light Channel 151 (LC75) Trust Bracket
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