Exterior Deco Series

Ledex Louvre System  
Ledex® Louvre System, a real classic, is to be used for applications on straight, curved and angled facades. The product has an elegant and light appearance with nicely curved edges. Roll-formed Louvre panel is made with metal steel. By using metal steel, Louvre is stronger compared to ordinary aluminium product of the same category. For example, a long Louvre metal panel will be more durable the aluminium panel.

Ledex® Louvre panel also uses BlueScope Steel Element™ Material. There are 3 tyres of Carrier meeting customer's different requirements.

Ledex Fascia Board

Ledex® Fascia Board is made from metal with wood again colour steel. It can be used to replace real wood to make it look more solid and excellent. Ledex® Fascia Board can solve problems such as inconsistency of material, warping, twisting or cracking and is maintenance-free. Other benefits are termite free, lightweight, rigid and long lasting.
Ledex Steel Gutter
Ledex® Steel Gutter is suitable to be used for residential purposes. It is made of strong metal, roll-formed from colour coated steel coils, thus making it very durable, and flexible too. Besides these, its tank edge is designed for decorative purposes. Furthermore, it can be painted according to your favorite colour.